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What Makes a Wood-Fired Pizza so Delicious?

Published on
01 December 2021
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Have you been looking for a solution for your event’s catering, but you’re not entirely sure of where to start? If this is a position that you find yourself in, don’t panic; our experts here at Graham’s Hog Roast are on hand today to help you find the best solutions for your catering needs. Indeed, we’ve made it our mission to offer some of the best catering solutions in all of Berkshire – and with our wood-fired pizza oven, we can help bring that genuinely authentic Italian experience directly to your event.

But what is it that makes wood-fired pizza so delicious? There are several key factors why wood-fired pizzas are among the most irresistible, and we’ve outlined them today to help you make the ideal choice for your event.

cooked pizza on a wooden chopping board

What Makes Wood-Fired Pizza so Delicious?

Why are wood-fired pizzas so delicious? The exact answer, of course, may vary from person to person. With that being said, some of our key reasons to choose wood-fired pizza for your event include the following:

  • Wood-fired pizzas are cooked to perfection in just 90 seconds – ensuring guests get the freshest pizza possible, directly from the oven.
  • The extreme heat from the flames creates a crust that’s irresistibly light and airy – and which simply cannot be rivalled by any other cooking methods.
  • The gentle smokiness of wood-fired pizzas often complements their existing flavour combinations, making them even more irresistible.
  • All of our wood-fired pizza dough is made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

Choose Our Team to Perfect Your Event’s Catering

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re hosting; if you’re after a perfect event catering solution, we’re on hand to help. After all, call us biased if you will, but we’re firm believers that fresh meals, such as our freshly cooked wood-fired hog roasts and our bubbling wood-fired pizzas, might just be the perfect solution to treat yourself (and your guests).

Our solutions are so easy to incorporate for any event and are simply delicious – which is why so many people choose us for their own event catering needs. Make the best choice for your event, too; contact us to learn more about our mobile pizza machine hire today!