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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


What's the lowest number of people you will provide a hog roast for?
We can now offer our portable Pizza Oven for smaller parties. Our hog roast DIY and Catering is best suited for 40+ guests. Contact us for more information
Can we have a Hog Roast in January, February or March?
Yes! We provide hog roasts and Pizza Oven hire throughout the year. If it's cold or adverse whether we can set up our serving table inside.
Can we have Crockery instead of Disposables?
We do not offer this service directly but can put you in touch with a local crockery hire company if you wish.
What areas do you cover?
We normally cover Berkshire, Oxfordshire North Hampshire and West Wiltshire, but we may be able to go further afield as well. - just get in touch with us to see if we can come to you.
Are You Insured?
Yes, we hold public liability insurance and have our food hygiene certificates from the environmental health department. We have a 5* rating & hold level 2 food hygiene certificates.


How long does it take to cook a pig?
It varies depending on the size of the pig, but cooking time can take anything from 6 - 9 hours. But the results are well worth it.
How many people will a pig feed?
A 1/2 pig will feed 50-60 people. We can do whole pigs that can feed up to 175 people. We source a suitable sized pig for your requirements.
Where are the pigs sourced from?
Our pigs are sourced from a local family run business called Vicar’s Game, they take pride in their quality pork products. The pigs are raised above the current standard assurance scheme and the welfare of the animals is a key priority.
Is Crackling included?
Oh Yes! .....It is the best bit!....we pride ourselves on producing some of the nicest crackling you will try.
What other meat can I have?
We can also provide Lamb, Game, Beef, Turkey, Chicken & a range of quality butchers sausages to accompany any hog roast package.
What happens with left-overs?
If there are any...All meat and salads (if ordered) are left for you and your guests to enjoy or take home.
Do you cook the pig on-site?
Generally Yes. But we can cook it off-site and just deliver it to your event.
Do you offer Pizza options?
Yes, we have a mobile wood-fired pizza oven which is great for any event and for smaller parties or families we now offer a DIY portable pizza oven.
Do you supply Vegetarian Options?
Yes. We can provide vegetarian sausages and vegetarian side dishes and salads. We can also cater for a range of dietary requirements, including gluten-free and vegan, please contact us for more information.
Do you provide any Desserts?
We can bring along "BETTY" our dessert tricycle filled with scrumptious ice creams from our good friends at Jude's.


How many staff do you provide per event?
It all depends on your specific needs for your event. Normally there will be one chef for an event. If there are stairs or any lifting involved we will send a helper along. This will result in an additional cost
How does the payment work for an event?
After we receive your booking form back we require a deposit to secure your event. This can be paid to us via online banking or per cheque. Ten days 10 days before your event we will confirm arrangements and you will also have to pay the outstanding balance.
What happens if I want to cancel?
You can cancel up to 21 days before your date. Cancellations within the 21 days prior to your event will incur the full cost of losing your deposit.
What do you bring to an event?
We use a 3x3m gazebo to shelter us from the British weather and two serving tables. If you need an extra table please do let us know beforehand.

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